A sunny studio to support your body and soul

The Arts and Industry Building, Suite 245, 221 Pine St, Florence, Ma 01062
Minutes from I-91 and Northampton. Located in the peaceful village 
of Florence, 
and a part of the dynamic cultural scene in the Pioneer Valley.
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Previous offering:

Sun Studio - suite 245, Arts & Industry Building, 221 Pine St. Florence, Ma

Led by Arden Sundari, Certified Yoga Therapist 
Saturday April 4th, 9:30am – 12:30pm
(you will need internet, computer with camera or no camera, and private space)
Fee: $30 - $45 sliding scale. To pre-register: yoga@rcn.com, 413-585-8990,Understanding that this pandemic may have altered your financial circumstance, I will be offering barter and/or scholarship to be able to attend.  
Women benefit from the knowledge of PVT in practice with Yogic sensibility.
~ increase interoception – gain internal space for intuition and boundary making
~ claim pelvic floor health vs normalizing dysfunction
~ restore through yoga, chants, experiential anatomy, breathing and meditation

Led by Intuitive Coach Reina Goldberg 
Saturday, April 4th , 2:00 - 4:00 pm
Fee: $25 To register see below
This workshop will provide effective methods that have been proven to be boost your immune system, vitality and health to help strengthen oneself at this time with the COVID-19. Learning how to self-soothe and balance your nervous system while strengthening the tone of your Vagus Nerve is an essential skill now more than ever. Techniques include breathe, tuning into oneself, resetting the nervous system (out of fight/flight/freeze), protocols to boost the immune system, movement, self soothing/ massage/tapping/reflexology, and other surprises. Come and experience a greater sense of hope and empowerment as we connect to our emotional and physical selves as a safe virtual community. 
and also with Reina:
Starting: Tuesday, April 7th 10-11am
This series will continue to provide effective methods mentioned above that have been proven boost and strengthen your Vagus nerve, immune system, vitality and health to aid oneself during this COVID-19 time. This Series will also share best practices and home remedies to help feel empowered. It is time to allow play, breathe, sounds, movement, and creativity to keep one's frequency, hope, and energy elevated. Let's gather to support one another in safe virtual community setting. 
Fee: $60-75 Understanding that this pandemic may have altered your financial circumstance, I will be offering barter and/or scholarship to be able to attend.  
To register: reinashines@gmail.com, 413-588-8069, ReinaShines. Com 
Preferred Payment by paypal reinashines@gmail.com.
Other options include: PO Box 60194 Florence, MA 01062 or email for other alternatives.

Polyvagal Theory and Body Up! Co-Regulation – Online
An Afternoon Workshop of Collaborative Embodiment
Led by Beth Dennison, MA in MFT, MEd, LMT, SEP
You will need internet, a computer or tablet with camera and a private space.
The bigger the screen, the more possibility for co-regulation!
Sunday, April 5th , 2:00 - 5:00 pm
Fee: $30 To register see below:  
Find out how to feel more connected, nervous system to nervous system, while you are online. Polyvagal principles apply online and in person. Together we will explore which online practices work for you. Body Up! Co-regulation is about nurturing others as you nourish yourself. It expands our capacity to respond to the complexity and intensity of modern life, without getting overwhelmed or burnt out. We all need this resource for collaborative engagement and regulating our nervous systems.
And also with Beth:
Polyvagal Co-Regulation Series for Practitioners – Online
Life Gets Easier When We Co-Regulate!
For: Teachers, Therapists, Somatic Practitioners, Yoga Teachers, Coaches
You will need internet, a computer or tablet with camera, a private space and a buddy.
Time: 8 Mondays, April 13 - June 8, 7-9 pm (no class May 25).  
Limited Enrollment: 8 people in 4 pairs 
Price: $160.00 per person (includes Beth’s Body Up! Handbook)
For more details and to Register: WeCoRegulate. Com
or contact Beth: 413-313-6192 beth.dennison@gmail.com
Learn to apply polyvagal principles to feeling connected online and in person. Body Up! Co-Regulation expands our capacity to respond to the complexity and intensity of modern life, without getting overwhelmed or burnt out. We practitioners need this resource for collaborative embodiment, and so do our clients and students. Join us to explore what regulates you online.

B I O D A N Z A: la danza de la vida 

Wednesdays 7-9pm, 
September 27th - December 13th
 in person at Sun Studio
Taught by Clara Rubin-Smith McKie 
(Facilitadora bilingüe en español e inglés)

BIODANZA in Northampton, Autumn / Winter 2023 

Build in time for this weekly retreat, two hours each week where you’ll experience:
~ joy, ease, connection and relatedness
~ deep resourcing, renewed energy and fresh perspective
~ an essential community practice of PLAY, presence, enjoyment and rest that over time creates positive and sustained shifts in your physiology and quality of life

***Register by 9/22 to receive 10% off your class or the series pass of your choice***

Grownups of all ages (18+) welcome. Masks optional. No experience needed, just bring your curious heart, comfortable clothes for moving in, bare feet or indoor-only shoes and a water bottle.

Come experience this unique modality and way of being together. Join us on September 27th and for as many of our circles this autumn and winter as you can, to harvest the full benefit of this gentle and powerful integrative system.

Fee structure for September 27th – December 13th 
No class Nov 22nd – if there’s enough interest we can add this one in (this will be free for those signed up for the term or monthly pass)

$250 for full autumn / winter term (11 classes) – best option
$100 monthly paid at the beginning of the month (4 classes)
$30 for a single session

Register >>> through Venmo (@ClaraRSM) or PayPal (paypal.me/ClaraRubinSmith), and include your email address for class information and updates.

***Register by 9/22 for 10% off any of the above***

Want to join but need a different financial arrangement to make it possible? Please reach out!

Email Clara (cirubinsmith@gmail.com) with any questions and to pre-register if you will be bringing cash or a check to class. 
***Please register for class ahead of time, as I plan our sessions accordingly!

More about Biodanza
Discover new ways of moving through life; reconnect with your innate creativity, expand your capacity for play & being fully in the present moment; recalibrate your nervous system and heal your emotional and physical body while dancing. Biodanza is a powerful and gentle integrative system and international movement that promotes human development both personal and collective. Each session offers a series of accessible movement exercises paired with inspirational music from around the world, that build upon each other. Each is an invitation into vivencia, a vividly lived present moment, that opens up new experiences of ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Biodanza develops authentic expression and proposes dance in its widest sense, as movements full of meaning, a birthright available to all of us. When we bring ourselves to dance in relationship with our lives, with our specific gifts and challenges, these embodied, moving experiences have deep and lasting impact. This is a facilitated and well-held therapeutic and transformational group process that works progressively over time, with regular practice sustaining profound effects on our physiology and way of living. Come for two hours of rejuvenating play and connection, and emerge feeling more yourself and more resourced, carrying tools for bringing presence and play to your life and having practiced them!

About your Facilitator
Clara is a lifelong dancer and music-maker, somatic movement educator, play activist, and mother raising her two greatest teachers. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology, Modern Languages, and Dance, and is a certified Biodanza Facilitator with additional specializations in bringing this work to youth and families and to organizations and teams. Her Biodanza monograph focused on co-creating conditions supportive of growth and well-being with families and with individuals at any age. She has worked across diverse fields including nonprofits, education, and health care, from pregnancy and early childhood to end of life, with a focus on communication and community building. As a facilitator, Clara leads groups for a range of ages in English and Spanish, creating spaces for creativity, connection, healing and transformational experiences to unfold.