A sunny studio to support your body and soul

The Arts and Industry Building, Suite 245, 221 Pine St, Florence, Ma 01062
Minutes from I-91 and Northampton. Located in the peaceful village 
of Florence, 
and a part of the dynamic cultural scene in the Pioneer Valley.
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SUN STUDIO ~ OPEN STUDIOS at Arts & Industry Building
(we are not participating this year - sorry!)
November 9th + 10th 2019 , Saturday – Sunday, 12-5pm
During Arts & Industry Building’s Open Studios and Holiday Sale, Sun Studio teachers will be offering several free 15 – 60 minute free demos/classes, gift certificates and entertainment for kids and adults. Come check out our beautiful and spacious studio and meet the teachers.
All fees discounted 25%
Arts & Industry Building, 221 Pine St. Florence, Ma

Saturday, SEPTEMBER 21st, 1:00 – 3:00pm BODY UP! Relationship Skills for Well-Being: Calm down, get going and get connected. With Beth Dennison MFT, LMT, SEP
$30, less 25% = $23
To pre-register: beth.dennison@gmailcom , 413-313-6192. Learn more about Beth at: WeCoRegulate.com
Get a taste of what Body Up! Co-Regulation skills can do for you and your relationships. Make friends with your nervous system. Learn practices you can do with friends, family or clients. 
In this two hour workshop you will learn how to:
Shift out of threat responses and stuck places. 
Access new capacity for ease and aliveness.
Ground your relationships in sturdy, embodied engagement.
Connect with others while staying connected with yourself.
Together we will explore how your nervous system behaves around other people. Come expand your skills for embodiment in relational space and practice fun ways to enjoy interactive rest, collaborative stretching and getting energized. Body to body co-regulation is essential for healthy relationships. To understand why, take Beth’s Monday evening class at Sun Studio.

 Sunday, SEPTEMBER 29th + OCTOBER 6th, 9:00 – 10:00am SHAKE YOUR SOUL
With Hayley Spizz
$10 drop-in, discounted to $8, Class card $40 for 5 classes available
Shake Your Soul: The Yoga of Dance is a fluid and fun movement practice! Join me to experience the joy of dance, release tension, nurture your body and soul, and play. All levels of movement/dance experience and fitness welcome. This class continues through-out the Fall.

With Arden Sundari 
To Pre-Register: yoga@rcn.com 413-585-8990.
$50 - $65, 25% discount = $37 - $59 - All Level, for women & men
I offer this gentle self-care practice, fully clothed, to understand and improve pelvic alignment, organ support, emotional and subtle energy resilience (root chakra). If you have no pelvic issues, this practice is not only preventative, but empowering, reclaiming and revitalizing an important part or your well-being.

Numbing ourselves to this part of our body, in part due to cultural conditioning, has created an epidemic of needless suffering. Pelvic floor problems include stress/urge incontinence, prolapse, tailbone -low back -hip pain, hemorrhoids, post-surgery problems, IBS, pain with intercourse… and not to mention what we think and feel!  

Through experiential anatomy and gentle yoga, learn how to strengthen and release tightness in PF, along with hips, low back, legs and feet. Incorporated practices are: autonomic nervous system balancing (Polyvagal Theory practices), fascia release, guided meditations and breath awareness. . Learn more about Arden at: www.yogaforwellbeing.com

Saturday OCTOBER 5th 12:30 – 2pm Vitality Workshop + Self Care Techniques
with Intuitive Coach Reina Goldberg 
Fee: $26, with 25% discount = $20
To Pre-Register: reinashines@gmail.com- 413-588-8069
Are you curious about becoming unstuck from limiting beliefs, worry, and stress?
Are you interested in manifesting a life filled with more possibility and joy?
Then come and experience this easeful routine which first discharges stored stress hormones (cortisol/adrenaline) while then retraining the body/mind to produce happy hormones (oxytocin/serotonin) encouraging optimum health, and vitality.

Reina Goldberg is an Intuitive Coach with 25 years of learning and practicing with healers, mental health educators, and Indigenous Elders. She obtained her Masters in Mindfulness from Antioch University and her B.A. in Psychology and Education from York University. 

She is versed in Infinity Healing Practices, Neuroscience Techniques, Mindfulness, Earth-Based Shamanic Practices, Energy medicine, Self-Connection Practices, and much more.
Reina is passionate about coaching individuals/groups to experientially learn empowering techniques to release blocks in order to move towards manifesting one’s highest potential and wellbeing. Some of the healing modalities used in this workshop include:
~ Breathing Practices and Meditation
~ Brain Gym, Improve Neurological Functioning
~ Resetting your Primal Brain(fight, flight, or freeze) and Applied Kinesiology
~ Joint Mobility Exercises and Qigong Tapping
~ Shaking for releasing body tension and more fun surprises
 Reina’s workshop includes a written guidebook of the take home practices to facilitate easeful incorporation into one’s life. Curious?. If so, reserve your space in Reina’s Vitality Workshop today!
Reina starts a Self Care Course at Sun Studio soon on Tuesdays 10 – 11am