A sunny studio to support your body and soul

The Arts and Industry Building, Suite 245, 221 Pine St, Florence, Ma 01062
Minutes from I-91 and Northampton. Located in the peaceful village 
of Florence, 
and a part of the dynamic cultural scene in the Pioneer Valley.
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Jean Ida Hoffman
Arden Sundari Pierce
About Us
​Sun Studio is a group of independent practitioners who practice wellness arts in the context of community. In 2011, we came together as a collective to embrace this more sustainable economic model to maintain the former “Smart Moves for Pilates & Fitness” studio that Sue Heffernan created and ran beautifully for eight years.  We share this commitment and support each other in our on-going professional and personal development.  Our passion is to guide and educate our community members toward health and wholeness.
Certified Pilates Instructor
Certified Structural Yoga Therapist
Certified Yoga Teacher
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We Are: 
Arden loves to guide others to experience well-being and healing, and has been since her certification in 1992. With humor and sensitivity, Arden’s wholistic approach is adaptive to the individual, gentle and informative.
In 1999, she traveled to India to conduct research in Yoga therapy for her degree in South Asian Studies from Mount Holyoke College. She continued with her studies in Yoga therapy and became certified in 2003. She has presented at the International Yoga Therapy Conferences in California. 
At Cooley Dickinson Hospital in Northampton, she teaches Yoga therapeutics for the childbearing year and is faculty member at Smith College.
Feel free to contact her for more information and to register for classes or schedule a private session at Sun Studio.
Jean is passionate about Pilates. She came to The Method as a modern dancer and loved it immediately. Studying during the 1980’s with Mary Bowen, she was trained in the classic style which Mary learned from Joe and Clara Pilates. As a lifelong mover and teacher Jean believes strongly that the Pilates Method can help to empower people to reclaim their bodies after injury or inactivity, can assist people to diminish pain, improve posture, gain flexibility and strength, assist athletes or dancers to move more efficiently, and help people to be more comfortable in daily life.
To learn more about Jean or to schedule a session, please visit her website.