A sunny studio to support your body and soul

The Arts and Industry Building, Suite 245, 221 Pine St, Florence, Ma 01062
Minutes from I-91 and Northampton. Located in the peaceful village 
of Florence, 
and a part of the dynamic cultural scene in the Pioneer Valley.
Welcome to Sun Studio for Pilates, Yoga Therapy & Movement

Arden Sundari Pierce, Certified Yoga Therapist & Teacher
www.yogaforwellbeing.com - 413-585-8990 – yoga@rcn.com

Jean Ida Hoffman, Certified Pilates Instructor
www.PilatesWithJeanIdaHoffman.com - 413-247-9993 - JeanIdaHoffman@gmail.com

Victoria Ahrensdorf, Teacher & Trainer of Feldenkrais Method 
www.feldenkraisnoho.com - 413-563-7553 - victoria@feldenkraisnoho.com

Adriane Boscardin, Certified Instructor of Eight Movements of Yantra Yoga

Cordelia McKusick, Certified Yoga Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist
Cordeliabodywork.com  -  cordeliamck@gmail.com
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                WINTER 2018-19 Schedule 
To pre-register for classes, contact the individual teachers using the links below or go to the Contacts page for more information. 

Scheduled private lessons with Jean or Arden
9:30AM: Yoga Tone ~ Cordelia starts 1/19
1PM: Feldenkrais Method -  
         Awareness Through Movement ~ Victoria
5:45PM: Eight Movements of Yantra Yoga ~Adriane

5:30PM: Pilates All Level Ongoing ~ Jean

4:30PM: Restorative Yoga & Massage ~ Cordelia 
5:45 PM: Psoas Yoga Therapy ~ Arden

9:15 AM: Better Breathing Yoga starts 2/21~ Arden
​5:30 PM: Feldenkrais Method-
               Awareness Through Movement - Victoria

Scheduled private lessons with Jean or Arden

private lessons, workshop & events

​Health + Healing Workshop Series in MARCH!
See Spotlight page for details!

Schedule is subject to change
For workshops, specials, and events go to the Spotlight page.

Our peaceful and sunny studio is a member-owned collective. We create an environment in which participants can find a respite from their daily lives in order to optimize health and well-being. We provide highly skilled and compassionate guidance in our group classes and workshops, as well as give customized private and semi-private sessions.
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